The Birth of a New Young Detective Story

It’s great to see someone who is so smart, yet insensitive in behaving well socially, can solve cases that no one else seems able to solve. That’s why this character is often remade for a story. But what if Sherlock isn’t the main character this time, what if his younger brother, Enola Holmes, is the main character in solving a mystery?

The adventures of the Holmes family

At a much younger age than Sherlock, Enola was raised apart from his two siblings in a closed environment by his mother, Eudora. This happened at least until the mother decided to disappear suddenly, which resulted in her two brothers returning home to take care of Enola and send her to finish school, where she was required to be a compliant woman according to the prevailing ethics at the time.

Of course, like other little girl stories, being a submissive and ethical woman was the last thing Enola wanted to do. Gifted in observation and deduction skills like his 2 siblings, Enola suspects that there is something behind the sudden disappearance of the mother.

This is what drives Enola to run away from his education and go on an adventure to find his mother. This also led to the first case he encountered on the way, namely the escape of Viscount Tewksbury who was being chased by an assassin on his escape.

No less clever than Sherlock

As a character from the adaptation of a Young Adult genre book, the fictional tradition of the Young Adult genre is still maintained in this story. Enola is still a little girl who wants to prove that she can compete in a world full of grown men who can do anything with their money and positions. Presenting stories, both from Enola’s narrative and from conversations that occur between characters.

Regardless of the above, this film is still a fun film to watch. Seeing Millie Bobby Brown repeatedly breakthrough the 4th wall by speaking to the audience. Dressed as a boy to disguise himself in the middle of London’s life, has the guts of a boy, which is certainly difficult to separate from his character in the Stranger Things series.

Henry Cavill was probably the last British actor you would expect to play Sherlock, but he did quite well. Almost everyone plays the role of a delightful resident of England, except for Mycroft, someone in this tale must be at least a little misogynistic.

Enola Holmes, as a story based on a book, which may have a series of follow-up stories is not a bad thing. The story that returns makes us remember how smart the Holmes family was. Of course, no one will forget Sherlock Holmes, he will always reappear and can be recreated in other stories.