Can Not Go Anywhere Due to Corona? Scott Has the Solution!

By the end of 2019, the Corona Virus spread from Wuhan, China. In only about three months, its spread has reached hundreds of countries (118 if I’m not mistaken), with patients also continuing to grow. No wonder the WHO declared Corona a global pandemic.

The government also began to issue an appeal in the form of social distancing, for example, when the school is on vacation for two weeks, canceling various events, as well as the possibility of Work From Home. Wow, at home, bored bin die style?

In my opinion, you don’t need to react as much as possible. After all, if you are healthy, it’s still okay to go out looking for wind, or pretty snacks, as long as you’re not far from home.

1. Learning Magic

Ah, magic. The word is shirk, don’t believe in God. Please if you want to skip this. But for me, whatever kind of magic, there is an artistic value there, as well as the challenge of how to master it. Yes again returning to each other’s personality. But if you’re interested, just try searching for the tutorial. After all, it could be material to attract attention to a crush right?

 2. Playing Music

No judgment, but if indeed you belong to this group, skip to the next number. I personally can not play any musical instrument. Well, there was a lesson in music before, told me to bring a flute. But the results are just like that. There is no more urge to study it again. If interested, congratulations because you have the opportunity to develop motor skills.

3. Bowling or Other Games

This time I want to exclude the video game because it will be the point in the next article. Plastic bowling set like in a movie can be tried if you have enough space. But if you live in a dorm room? There are other alternatives, for example, yoyo or foam shot toys. Be careful not to break things up!

4. Karaoke

Karaoke, in my opinion, to be the most appropriate advice with the concept of social distancing itself. For those who don’t know, Karaoke stands for Kara and Orchestra. You sing alone, despite the fact that karaoke is crowded with friends. But during the disease season like now, let’s return karaoke to its literal.

5. Origami

One more thing I really recommend Japan. It seems indeed rather childish. But it never hurts for a moment back in memory of childhood with paper folding and various folding techniques. Oh yes, there was my teacher who used to be very diligent in making origami, fortunately, it’s also pretty good.