How to Know the Fake Togel Market at Online Agents

Online lottery stands for dark lotto where players can guess the numbers that will come out online. Nowadays there are so many blogs that prepare lottery games online. This is supported by growing internet technology and Indonesian government regulations that prohibit conventional lottery games.

Despite the fact that online lottery is also illegal in Indonesia, it is the same as the land-based lottery. But the government’s efforts to block lottery agent blogs are less efficient. This can be proven by changes to the lottery agent site, which seems unstoppable. Maybe the government has the power to eradicate land lottery dealers. But for the online lottery, the government seems to have lost its mind.

Every time there is a blockage of a site that is suspected of being a lottery agent, other blogs. This must be so bothersome. In addition, Indonesians are increasingly literate with technology. Even though the site has been blocked in Indonesia, there are many steps to access it. Currently, connecting to online betting sites is not a difficult matter again. Even children can do it.

The fake lottery market has recently become a scourge that is quite frightening for a large number of lottery fans in the country. There is no one else in this world who wants to get caught up in fake online betting sites, including you. I believe in that. So, to monitor some of the lottery fans in Indonesia below, we will discuss and explain whether it is a fake lottery market and steps to find out the fake lottery market.

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In this article, we do not tell which is the correct lottery agent and which is the fake lottery agent. Because if the name of the agent is said, it will be seen as a paid writer. So in this place, we will tell based on our experience and capabilities. Not referencing which betting site is right for you.

The lottery market has a legal international association body known as the World Lottery Association (WLA). The WLA is an agency that legally verifies and verifies all lottery number outputs around the world. The simplicity of WLA is like the standard in the lottery world. If in Indonesia it may be similar to SNI agencies.

So what is the relationship with the fake lottery market?


Is that a fake lottery market?

From the information above, we know that all the lottery market numbers output should be registered with the WLA. Well, this fake lottery market is invalid and not registered with the WLA agency. Alias ​​the lottery output numbers are making it up. Those of you who are playing in the fake lottery market have been deceived. Many novice residents have been deceived by the fraudulent tricks of this lottery mafia. They make their own market which of course has been recognized. Which of the few numbers in pairs is issued. In the end, you still lose to the dealer, no matter the trick.

While the original lottery market is a market registered with the WLA, the lottery output numbers are valid based on the lottery. So everyone has the same chance of winning. Bandar cannot make up the market. A good player should know exactly which lottery market is legitimate and which lottery market is fake alias making it up.

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So for those of you who have been caught up to now playing in the fake lottery market, what do you need to do? Of course, stop playing on that site and look for other online betting sites. In order not to be fooled again, below are some of the characteristics of lottery agents with a fake market.

Some of the characteristics of the fake lottery market

The easiest step is that you first have to enter the WLA member site first. Then you choose the Asia Pacific location because Indonesia is also that location. There are plenty of legitimate markets for our location. But we believe the familiar market is only Jeniustoto. Because indeed the Singapore market has been around for a long time in Indonesia.

Asia Pacific legal lottery market

In addition, until now you have played in markets that are considered famous such as Hong Kong pools, Madrid pools, Tokyo pools, and so on, the most important thing is there are pools. The question is, do you see the markets listed on the WLA?

The Hong Kong Market is indeed legal and registered with the WLA in the Asia Pacific location but the name is HKJC, not the Hongkong Pools. In this place, don’t be fooled by the names of the pools. As long as there is a pool, don’t be considered okay. It’s not necessarily legal. Never do Swimming Pools look like a legitimate Swimming market.

Did you just realize that you were deceived? Relax you are not alone.

Because even the fact is that even though the market is registered with the WLA, sometimes the lottery mafia only takes names. The output numbers can be manipulated. For example, you play in the Korean market. Yes, the Korean Market is indeed registered in the WLA Asia Pacific location. But is it the same with the market that you play? As you can see there are 3 Korean lottery markets, namely: NanumLotto Inc, KSPO.

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